We feel that good health is the best wealth there is.

Why Revite?

The health of your immune system is paramount to keeping your body and mind healthy enough to fight off disease and to live your best life. We agree that overall wellness rests on the pillars of good nutrition, exercise, sleep, and lowering stress. If one pillar is weak, the entire house comes tumbling down...

Revite’s range of vitamins and supplements has catered for wellness on each of these pillars. Our range of vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, and magnesium formulations will support a healthier and happier you.

When you choose Revite, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're selecting products that have been put together with years of research and experience, and a commitment to quality, credibility, and adherence to the highest standards. Every Revite product is manufactured at SAHPRA approved facilities, using the best quality ingredients. Every formula is tried and tested, supporting your journey to a healthier, happier life.