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Super B Energy Injection Fizzy Tabs (10's)

Super B Energy Injection Fizzy Tabs (10's)

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Super B Energy Injection Fizzy is an effervescent refreshment packed full of B vitamins vital for your immune wellness, including energy production, red blood cell formation, and some of the benefits of taking it are:


  • Increases alertness and energy
  • Helps prevent anaemia and nervous system damage
  • Supports and promotes cell health
  • Stimulates your immune system
  • Helps manage stress leading to improved immune wellness
  • Helps prevent infections
  • Fights off germs and bugs
  • Vegan friendly
Each tablet contains:   %NRV*
Vitamin E 22.5 i.u. 100
Vitamin C 250.0 mg 250
Vitamin B1 25.0 mg 2083
Vitamin B2 25.0 mg 1923
Nicotinamide 25.0 mg 156
Vitamin B6 25.0 mg 1470
Folic Acid 0.4 mg 100
Vitamin B12 25.0 mcg 1042
Biotin 50.0 mcg 167
Calcium Pantothenate 25.0 mg 500
Choline Bitartrate 10.0 mg -
Zinc 5.0 mg 45
Selenium 50.0 mcg 91



* Nutrient Reference Value for individuals of 4 years and older based on Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA's) which will meet the needs of nearly all healthy individuals to prevent nutrient deficiencies.

* Super B energy injection Fizzy is 100% animal product free

Contains sucralose and mannitol powders.

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